Marketing has always been an important challenge for businesses but in recent years there has been a shift in marketing channels with the rise of the internet and mobile communications. Many businesses usually create Facebook business pages, pictorial marketing content on Instagram, and trending promotions on Twitter. Due to the rise in technology, customers are now evolving on the daily basis. Online platforms have proven to be remarkably functional and effective but smart businesses exhibit a combination of both online and offline marketing channels to ensure maximum output.


Offline marketing can be defined as any marketing strategy which does not involve the use of website, social media, internet, or any other online channel of marketing. In recent times, offline marketing was the sole method of marketing but today, it is also commonly used as effective complements to online marketing strategies. According to research, there are still over 70 million people in the US alone, who can’t be reached by online marketing channels. These include people who do not own smart phones, use social media or are simply not interested. As of 2018, only 12 percent of the population is using Twitter even though over 85 percent of the people are aware of it being one of the leading platform in trending events and promotions.


Moreover, even with the boom in technology, there are still over 70 million Newspapers and magazines sold every day. You can still see ads on the roads and watch commercials of your favorite products every day. Traditional advertising methods are still effective and may never fade away no matter how much technology blooms.


The following are some offline marketing strategies which are very effective for your business growth;


1. Call Strategy



Call strategy is still commonly used today by millions of businesses worldwide for telemarketing. However, these calls are planned through before placed. Businesses usually compile together a list of potential customers who usually sign up to their services. Time and requirements of the customer are important considerations you need to make before placing any calls. Even though calls are perceived as sales moves, they are also useful in building collaborative relationships with other businesses and potentially gain some new customers along the way.


2. Business cards



This is one of the cheapest marketing methods. You can simply start off by distributing business cards to people you know. These include your neighbors, friends and anyone you meet. You can also leave them in places you commonly visit. There is reading material found in every appointment based business so people usually slip in their business cards during a visit. Business cards deliver a more professional touch as compared to other channels and potential customers would be more interested in your services.


3. Print Media



Print media has been around for over a millennium. If it hasn’t faded away in this time, rest assured, it isn’t going anywhere. Magazines, newspapers, leaflets, and catalogues are sometimes even more effective at targeting customers. Print media is an affordable medium to advertise with and is extremely effective when it comes to Niche marketing. Businesses can target their demographic to ensure a higher viewing frequency, encourage action, visually inspire and increase royalty of the customers.



4. Guerilla marketing



Guerilla marketing can be defined as a low-budget marketing strategy which uses unconventional methods like viral videos, publicity stunts, awareness campaigns, and even social experiments to promote different products and services. Guerrilla marketing is executed on the basis of everyday situations for full effect. Businesses usually promote their services while collaborating with other organizations or charities in their campaigns. This way, they save most of their costs and also build potential long term partnerships with other businesses. For example, the picture above shows McDonalds executing guerilla marketing in the form of Zebra crossing to promote their brand using road safety and rules in a creative way.


5. Mass texting



Mass texting is also a great way to reach potential customers or users. There are over 300 million cell phone users in the US alone. All cell phones are text enabled so the 70 million people who cannot be reached by online marketing methods can easily be reached via mass texting. There are over 6 billion texts sent every day in the US alone and it is still the most preferred channel of personal communication. Moreover, businesses have also integrated SMS marketing as their top offline marketing strategy to engage customers and send information to their fingertips. These can include real time promotions, notifications and alerts.